WCNjobs assists employers to plan for, select and support the employment of people with disability by:


    WCNjobs has offices located throughout Melbourne and Geelong, including the Mornington Peninsula (See our Locations page to find your closest office). Having offices across Victoria ensures that employers are engaged with a local WCNjobs expert to work with you. The Employer Engagement Strategy focuses on managing relationships and generating job vacancies with small and medium-sized businesses.

    Large businesses are supported to meet diversity targets through a Key Account Strategy that identifies opportunities for affirmative action in employing people with disability. Local teams are provided with detailed information on regional labour market trends, particularly in relation to skills in demand and job trends. Support services for medium/large employers; Joint recruitment services for large projects or employers are also pursued.


    WCNjobs is committed to providing the right match to your vacancy.

    With over 1500 potential job candidates engaged with us, WCNjobs can ensure that your vacancy is broadly distributed across our locations in order to find the right candidates for your business. The process is handled with the practiced efficiency of over 30 years of Disability Employment Services experience across our consortium. Employers are informed of progress towards filling vacancies with prompt and professional communication.

    WCNjobs will work with you to find what works best to select a good candidate. These activities may include:

    • Shortlisting candidates based upon their skillset, potential and employment goals
    • Checking qualifications and references, (or alternatively assisting with the provision of training and obtaining appropriate licenses; including assistance such as Police Checks, Working with Children Checks, Responsible Service of Alcohol certificates etc.
    • Coordinate job interviews and /or
    • Organise work trials

    WCNjobs has many years of experience in effectively negotiating and managing tailored arrangements to
    support the commencement of a candidate into work and further supports to remain in work.

    All our candidates are eligible for Wage Subsidies. These range in value from $1,500 to $10,000. Wage Subsidies are linked to on-the- job and skills training to support employers in the uptake of new employees with disability.

    If desired, disability awareness training can be provided to staff to help the development of a workplace diversity culture. In particular Mental Health Awareness training and Auslan (Australian Sign Language) training can be provided at no cost to the employer. This is funded through the Australian Government’s Employee Assistance Fund.

    WCNjobs collaborates to support the uptake of apprentices and trainees. Some candidates will be supported with the use of the Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support (DAAWS). For an eligible apprentice this provides financial support to the employer and funds to pay for the additional tutorial support for the TAFE or Registered Training Organisation that the apprentice attends for their training. WCNjobs will also work with RTOs to enable employers to access job-related skills training and tickets such as Responsible Service of Alcohol; Working with Children’s check or police check.

    Where relocation is necessary for the uptake of employment WCNjobs will, if needed, collaborate with a local Disability Employment Service Provider to facilitate all necessary supports.



    Once a job is gained WCNjobs continues to help both the employer and new employee to ensure that the job match continues to work for both parties.

    A customised At Work Support Plan is created. This plan contains details on continuous actions and accountabilities from both WCNjobs, the employee and the employer, including the schedule and frequency of contact to occur. These actions are written down and monitored. All such planning is directly targeted toward the smooth maintenance of the working arrangement for all involved.

    At Work Support is undertaken for as long as it is needed. For most people a plan is made for an optimum time frame of 52 weeks in a job. As all aspects of our service delivery, this is readily customisable to be shorter or longer, and in some cases, the support continues indefinitely provided an independent assessment indicates that the need for support remains. This support includes what is technically known as Flexible Ongoing Support, Moderate Ongoing Support or High Ongoing Support. The level of support will be adjusted when and if required. WCNjobs meets job seekers and employers at the workplace as often as required and finds personnel who are best suited to deliver At Work Support for each new employee and/or the employer.


    WCNjobs focuses primarily upon ensuring a new employee can adequately fulfill a role, however if necessary, WCNjobs will source and engage relevant skills training to improve an employee’s skills in relation to their position. For example, this can include assisting a new employee to obtain a forklift license if their position is a warehousing type of job.

    WCNjobs also provides on-the- job coaching where necessary. This occurs in consultation with the new employee and their employer. The employer must approve a WCNjobs representative’s presence in the
    workplace for this to occur.

    As some new employees will continue to have support needs outside of work, WCNjobs engages any relevant services, or WCNjobs will be assist the employee to maintain their connections to support services; including attending counselling to address personal issues and/or other barriers.

    WCNjobs’ At Work Support increases in intensity at commonly-identified peak attrition times and when indicators of risk are identified for either the new employee or employer.


    For many people with disability who commence employment after some time out of work the challenge of starting work includes stretching the finances to ensure that they are presentable and able to get to work on time. WCNjobs will often provide:

    • Work clothing and personal work equipment if necessary.
    • Travel assistance as appropriate. This may be support to pay for a MYKI top up; fuel assistance or travel training..
    • Workplace modifications for employees with disability.

    A workplace modification is equipment that a person with disability will use to help them to perform their job.

    This may be software to increase the size of the font for someone who struggles to read a computer screen as they are visually impaired; it may be alarms which vibrate for those who are deaf or hearing impaired; or it may be a lifting device for someone with a physical condition. These are often government funded using the Employee Assistance Fund (jobaccess.gov.au).